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Charged With A Gun Offense? Here Are Steps To Take

The state of Illinois and the city of Chicago place very firm limits on what sort of firearms may be owned, and who may and may not own them. If you are facing weapons charges, it is imperative that you seek representation from a skilled criminal defense attorney who understands the state’s gun laws and significant changes to them in recent years.

At the Law Office of Frank A. Tedesso, our founding attorney has provided representation for more than 24 years to clients dealing with gun offenses. He understands the best defenses against felony charges involving guns, and he can use the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to provide the most positive result for your circumstances.

Steps To Take If You Are Charged With A Gun Offense

  1. Understand what is at stake. Even a misdemeanor charge of illegal possession of a firearm can bring a fine of $2,500 and 364 days in jail. Felony gun convictions come with longer prison sentences. If police suspect your guns are involved in drug crimes or other illegal operations, the penalties can escalate exponentially.
  2. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately if you are arrested. Never consent to a police interview or a search of your house without a lawyer present. Your attorney will advise you on how to respond to law enforcement requests without incriminating yourself.
  3. Provide your attorney with full details of the events leading up to your arrest. Your attorney will need a comprehensive report of what happened to build a successful defense for you. Provide him or her with information on your activities prior to your arrest, the name of the arresting officer, where your guns were recovered, and who recovered them.

Purchasing Firearms Legally After A Gun Conviction

It is sometimes possible for clients with prior gun offenses to have those convictions vacated. Our firm can review your case and let you know if this is applicable to your case. We also can help you with the expungement of your record and reapplying for legal gun ownership.

We Will Protect Your Rights If You Are Facing A Gun Offense Charge

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